Summer 2013 … here’s the place to be

Think Italy, think sun, think light, think blue and green, think history, think hills and mountains, think amazing food, think a wild coast, think ancient ruins….

… think further … think CILENTO.

Our home in Cilento, nestled among olive trees, prickly pears, vineyards and luscious Mediterranean vegetation is the perfect place to be.

This stunning property, comprising of two independent flats with unparalleled views of Cilento’s National Park, is an ideal location for a holiday. Encased by hills, in the heart of luxuriant countryside, minutes away from the mountains, the sea and town centres, this hidden retreat promises peaceful sojourns.

Let yourself be lured by the bulging figs, by the inhospitable prickly pears, by the elegance of the olive trees as their leaves turn silver, shaken by the wind. These and more Mediterranean marvels surround our home in a timeless stillness.

Marbles, terracotta and Amalfitan ceramics enrich the interiors of the flats, decorated to very high standards. The large terraces offer spectacular views of the countryside, stretching over till your gaze reaches the not so distant Tyrrhenian Sea, gleaming in the horizon. Here the sunset is a remarkable and magnificent experience, as the reds and violets tint the blue sky.

Come and visit us in legendary Cilento, where history and ancient mythology entwine, where the see meets the mountain in a slow, serene dance, where past and present embrace and offer you a unique experience.

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